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Whilst in College Vivian lived with her best friend and experienced first hand the power the media had over womens confidence.

She would watch her friend looking through the fashion magazines and witness how her face and mood would change, as she became more and more uncomfortable about her own appearance.

Her best friend; a young beautiful size 10, started to believe that she was a size 14 and fat. The media had caused her to become blind to her real appearance which started her obsessive dieting, meaning she became even thinner and more insecure.

During this time Vivian was in the process of writing her own self-help book; hoping to encourage women to believe in themselves once more.

However, after realising how big a role magazines played in the lives of women; she decided to do some research about the effects of magazines. She discovered that every magazine airbrushed their images and that most magazines reoccuringly scrutinised celebrities bodies and plastered their negative comments on the front page. On top of this after talking to various women, who were either in the medias lime light or out of it; she discovered how big a negative influence these magazines had on women.

After talking to various types of women she discovered that something needed to change.

The aim of the magazine is to boost women’s confidence and help change their perception of beauty in our current

celebrity obsessed culture.The magazine aims to boost women’s self esteem by not air brushing images

or projecting unrealistic beauty expectations onto readers.

The magazine hopes to battle the media and help women to become once again happy with who they are, as well as forcing the media to change their actions.

And that change ladies and gentlemen, is the Sheinspires Women Magazine.

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